Harry & Henry's Story

Dog Agression issues with a 2 years old Wheaten Terrier -Male nutered (Wezembeek-Oppem / Brabant Flamand)


Our dog Harry has become gradually more anxious and aggressive around other dogs since we got him as a puppy.

He started off quite socialised, having walked with me, my husband and our other dog, and neighbourhood dogs since a young age.

For whatever reason he went from going up to dogs if off leash and greeting them nicely to attacking them if they gave the slightest sign of unfriendliness. Now he goes crazy if he even sees another dog while we're out walking (never off leash anymore!).


He also attacks our other dog if he's stressed out, bites him etc. The other night he did this completely unprovoked and they got into quite a fight and blood was drawn. He's also very nervous of loud noises...he's been particularly sensitive since we moved here about 7 months ago from Sooth California; I think the 3 day transfer was really very stressful for him.  It's time for help!


We'd like to be able to manage Harry's anxiety and aggressive behaviour so he can go for walks without us having to avoid other dogs, and also make him more calm at our house if other dogs dare to walk by. 

Carrie and Craig MacKenzie

 Happy-Go-Lucky Dog

Dog Training & Rehabilitation


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