RATES - Training programs

In order to perfectly meet your family situation, the problem with your dog (s), as well as your goals and expectations, all our training programs are tailor-made to guarantee you fast results in the shortest time possible. .


The behavior of dogs is closely linked to the emotional state of his family ... 98% of behavioral problems are caused by "fear/axiousness / anxiety" (projection, anticipation, beliefs, limiting rules, traumatic experience) or "stress/impatience/nervosity" (lack of time, impatience, eagerness, inconsistency, environment / stressful life).

Working closely with humans and animals requires great adaptability and flexibility where trust (with the family and the dog) understanding and decryption (of the situation, habits of the family), patience and repetition (in the teaching and training) must be paramount,

In a word, it takes time but much more "taking the time"!


If we have had such good results for more than 10 years, it's because we have understood that the only key to solving problematic behavior and re-harmonizing a relationship, is to reclaim that  "time factor" (that allow you to see "the big picture" and "the shift" on  your dog's behavior)


For this reason, trying to determine in advance a "Fixed rate" or a "typical program" valid for everyone, every household, and all dog issues would be nonsense and the opposite of our philosophy and our approach: Our priority goals "are and will remain always ", helping you" to find well-being, balance and harmony in your home"... " in an efficient, fast and lasting way ".


Among factors that can determine the duration/Budget of a training program: 

  •  Travel time to your home and number of trips (number of sessions)
  • Number of people / family members involved in dog interaction / education. Training & exercises with a large family will take longer than a single person living with his dog.
  • Type of training: Puppy training, general education of a hyperactive dog, Recall and off-leash training, various and varied behavioral issues (severe aggression) are all situations that will require longer training durations.
  • Nb of dogs in the household: when there are multiple dogs in the family, we are often taken to work with the whole pack ... Channeling several dogs during the exercises and repeating the techniques with each of them, lead to need longer programs.
  • State of mind / energy / general temperament of the dog: "anxious, nervous, fearful" dogs (with or without aggressiveness) will often require a longer approach than a hyperactive-Excited dog (the easiest to calm)


The establishment of a training program (Duration, number of sessions, budget) are therefore dependent on all these many criteria which it is impossible for us to predict in advance (without having had a first contact with you and observed your interaction with the dog, then)




 Prices down-below are given as an indication...Personalized and accurate estimate will be sent : 

  • Upon receipt of the contact form: If everything is well explained and we do not need additional information, we can send you a quote based on your comments ... Usually, we prefer to have a first contact because it is essential to see if we can work together. For coaching to be optimal, it is important that you feel completely confident…
  • After a first telephone consultation (free): If the contact form is incomplete, too succinct or requests clarifications on your objectives .... These consultations are done by Whats'App or Skype.



"PACKAGES"  -  Coaching & training Programs,  at home

=> Global training with specific objectives / requests that you wish to achieve


- If this is your first experience with a dog or if you have pack (multiple dogs)

- If you want to acquire a solid foundation with raising a puppy, obedience & éducation with young dog, a shelter dog / from other family

- If you want to solve a set of problematic behaviors in an adult dog

- If you want to improve your relationship, communication, connection with your dog

  • Budget:                               750€  à 1.800€
  • Nb Hours:                          10h  à 25h
  • Nb Sessions :                     2 à 6 sessions
  • Training period :               1 to 3 month



SESSIONS " ON DEMAND" - Behavioral assessment  & Behavioral training,  at home

=> To solve a specific point or particular situation / Geographical location (travel over 3h)


- If your problem does not require / can be solved with a single appointment

- If you want to space sessions over several months to follow-up the evolution of your dog's behavior


  • Day training :         600€ - 800€
  • Half Day :                450€ - 550€
  • Follow-up:              150€ - 250€           => Only available for former clients (who have already benefited from a first session)




 "BOOTCAMP  & BOARD and TRAIN" - Training & coaching ProgramS

=> Full immersion training with the dog with follow-up home transfer coaching


- If you feel overwhelmed, with a need for extra help, to be able to start on a good basis


  • No more availabilities till September 2021 !




For efficiency reasons, we do not offer any coaching & training sessions at home, on hourly based !

Our main goal is to guarantee you immediate results (from the first session).


even "several  hourly consultations" will never bring you the same benefits as a real "immersion training" 


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