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 Happy-Go-Lucky-Dog focuses on developing a balanced relationship between people and their dogs through various tools such as leadership, discipline, structure, socialization and Behavioral change.

Behavioral problems develop in the presence of a lack of structure and leadership or inconsistency our interactions with our dog.


Happy-Go-Lucky Dog will give you a detailed overview of what makes a family environment functional and stable for the whole family. The first step to changing your dog's behavior will be to understand that your behavior and habits will also need to change!

Everything we do, say or think affects our dog. It is important to understand that we reinforce, often unconsciously, the good and bad behaviors of our dog.


The key to creating and maintaining a perfect "dog-human" relationship is to be able to continue to practice the teaching you have learned after the end of the program. You should not consider training a dog as a set of tricks / mechanism to teach him punctually but rather as an ongoing education throughout his life. If you keep this basic principle in mind then you will have an excellent relationship with your dog. They only want to become "Happy-Go-Lucky Gog," the happy and carefree dog you've always dreamed of.

Trained in USA

Intensive Leadership, Behavior and Dog Training Program in the USA


Personally trained in the United States by the best internationally renowned behavioralists who have allowed him to accompany them and improve their work with dogs: modification and rehabilitation of dogs during training, rehabilitation in shelters, behavioral consultations Mentor & shadow program "as well as muliples workshops and seminars (USA, UK)

During her various stays of several months, she was able to perfect herself in the fields of canine psychology, canine leadership, Alpha positioning and the behavioral rehabilitation of many dogs.

"Mentor & Shadow program"

Cesar Millan

"Dog Psychology Center"

Santa Clarita, CALIFORNIA

Cheri Lucas

"Second Chance's Ranch"


Brian Agnew


Jeff Gellman & Sean O'Shea


 Happy-Go-Lucky Dog

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