"BOARDing & Day care"


This exclusive and Premium service is available only to our clients

- Who have completed program training -


"Boarding & Day care" programs are follow-up and tune-up programs of "Board & Train" and "Bootcamp" (obedience, rehabilitation and behavior modifications) or “One-On-One” sessions. Their availability will depend on the priority planning of the "Board & Train / Bootcamp". In case of booking during a public holidays, 25% will be applied above the price.


Structured Boarding


This Boarding will guarantee your dog a stay in a quiet and structuring environment during your absences.

Your dog will enjoy two to three hours of daily walks, socializing and playing time under supervision with other dogs in Board & training, as well as a training follow-up and tune-up  on what will we have worked previously.

For new clients (undergoing training), a training of good manners, discipline and structure will be carried out on the basic behaviors (walking on leash, separation anxiety, respect of distances, excitation etc)

All dogs sleep in individual boxes, inside our infrastructure. 

Board & Train



Your dog will benefit from the same services as “Structured Boarding” with in addition of 90 minutes daily (One-On-One session) for aTune-up training on issues you wish to work on (walk on the lesh, recall, socialization, Obedience, Behavior issues, etc).


Doggy Day Care

 This services is no more available for the moment


Your dog will enjoy during his day,  the same services as it includes in "Structured Baording" - obedience, structured walking, off-leash, play time-.


 Happy-Go-Lucky Dog

Dog Training & Rehabilitation