📆 Consultation booking

Book your 1st appointment...

This first appointment, BEFORE ALL One-On-One sessions and In Home training program, can be done, according to your choice:

  • Either 💻 by video-conference
  • Or 📞 by phone consultation

Remote consultation payment (Video or Phone) can be done with "Online payment" or "Bank transfert".

Check the appropriate  "payment method" when booking process





🐕 |Jum straightinto the training - Video Coaching & Training session |🐕

  • "Optimize" your initial appointment, with a "Video coaching", instead a "Phone consultation"
  • Visio-coaching session after your initial consultation (if you don't need a home training)
  • "Follow-up / update" from a previous coaching or 101 Home Training in the past


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1) BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT (Familly & dog) : 

In order to set up your behavioral assessment, we will discuss together about your family situation:

  • Your household environement & daily habits with the dog and your family
  • Dogs'issues : Behavioral issues encountered, state of mind, Energy...
  • Your training expectations & request, Training you've already have done (if you have seen previous dog trainers)
  • Help you to understand and solve some issues with advies & tips
  • In the light of our consultation, give you directly an "approximative" home training overiew (budget, nb sessions), before
  • Sending you an accurate Estimate with Tailor-made program training related to your dogs'& family needs


A first phone consultation (or video if you prefer) is requered previously to coming  for in-home training :

  • For you: To understand how we work , to figure out if our "balanced training" approach is the right one for you, what you can realistically expect (or not) in terms of budget, number of sessions and your involvement and dedication in training with your dog and so that you don't lose your money with an in-home training if that training doesn't meet your expectations.
  • For us: To see if we can work together as we need your participation, if you trust our method, we want to be sure that you will take part in the training because we will not "magically fix" your dog but you will have to do this work yourself... During Remote or home training we will "simply" (but always with dedication, time, lot of energy) help you to understand how you can get the change you want with your dog.

With our 13 years of experience, we know that best behavioral modification and training results we've obtained is always when/with people are ready to change themselves (before they want to change the dog) and that we can unfortunatly not help all people.

As our goal is to have the best results for our clients, we are looking for quality of training and not quantity (of clients)... Therefore, we are not afraid to lose "potential" clients if we see that we will not be able to help them: Self-Leadership, Self impowering, facing our fears, changing false beliefs, changing our daily habits and interaction with the dog... being honest enough with ourselves about a potentially toxic relationship we may have with our dog is not given to everyone. For these people, it may be more helpful to work directly with a dog trainer who will try to fix the dog (without dealing with the owner).


🎁 NOTE : This Initial consultation will be "refunded" if you decide to go deeper with a in-home training afterwards



  1. After your first online booking ("Behaviora Assessment Phone consultation" or "Video Coaching session")
  2. we will tailor-maide you the"Optimum in-home Program training"..The best protocole related to your situation.
  3. We also try to offer different options of package & Formule Training (with different Budget and Training goals)
  4. When you agree with the quotation...You are good to go in the Training and...
  5. We book the first one-on-one Home Training session




First availability starting from  JANUARY 2024 !


For "Bootcamp" , "Board & Train", "Holiday boarding" Request please note that this service is only provide for our former clients  : "clients who already did followed a home training program with us, previously to a Boarding" !


  If your are  interrested to follow this program, please book First : Phone consultation or Video-conference coaching (if you need immediate help),  to talk about important points and to discuss about your dog's situation.

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