Behavioral coaching

In Home Consultation

For a coaching, without training with a dog: either before acquiring a dog or when arriving at home


Behavioral consultation / accompaniment aims to help you ask the right questions before making a decision to take a dog or to take the right actions and have the right behaviors from the arrival of your young puppy. This strategy will guarantee a solid foundation in your understanding, relationship and education of your dog.


Want to gain a better understanding of psychology and dog codes, strengthen your leadership or improve your connection with your dog? You have never had a dog and you plan to host one soon? You do not know which race would be best suited to match your lifestyle or family situation? Want to adopt a dog from a shelter and detect problems of possible behaviors? You have just overcome a dog's grief or would like to take a second dog capable of integrating with the first? For all these scenarios, behavioral coaching / coaching will be your best solution.


The duration of a session is 3 hours. If there is a trip to a shelter or to a breeder, the session may also be longer (3h00).


All consultations begin with an assessment of your situation: understanding or gap on the subject you want to address. Then we will focus on basic notions of canine communication and Leadership and finally we will concentrate on practical training exercises: You will understand the difference between canine psychology and human psychology and how this misunderstanding can affect the whole Relationship with your dog. You will learn leadership techniques and non-verbal language as well as the use of tools specific to your dog's problems. You will learn to recognize the origin of behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, territoriality, possessiveness, aggressiveness and how to reverse the situation through a better grid of reading "state of mind", "energy" and Different "Drives" of your dog


Skype/phone Remote Consultation


We offer remote consultation (Skype, phone), for any situations and questions you wish to address.

Whether it's a single consultation or several sessions, for any questions related to the choice of a breed, problems with your dog (education, behavior, nutrition), business strategies or personal goals We can give you concrete help. We will evaluate your situation and we will provide you with specific strategies to put opens in your life or to work with your dog.

We can help you solve many behavioral problems with your dog remotely. There is no problem with that.


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