—Puppy Head Start Program

Board & Train + One-on-One @home

Make your life easier! Give you and your puppy a fabulous start, with a solid foundation in education and behavior!

Potty training, obedience and discipline in the house as well as walking on a leash, recall, off-leash introduction.


This Packages includes : Up to 4 weeks Board & Train at the center 

+ Multiple One-on-One in home training


One-On-One training @Home


Give you a fabulous start in educating your puppy as well as keys and tools to prevent any problematic behaviors from the puppy.


This Packages includes : Multiple One-on-One Training sessions

—One-on-One sessions

In homeTraining with your family (2 to 5 sessions)


The purpose of this program:

Give you keys and tools to improve your dog's issues. We work on his behaviors in his familiar environment with the presence of all family members.


—Board and Train / Bootcamp  - Behavior modification & Rheab

Intensive and deep training of your dog during a short/or long stay with us (2 to 8 weeks)


The goal of this program:

Whether it is basic puppy education (cleanliness, separation anxiety), behavior modification (walking on a leash, recall in freedom), teaching him good manners (do not jump, destruction) , Better listening (obedience and respect) or more severe problems, such as aggressiveness with people or dogs, we have different formulas that will meet your needs.

—Behavior Consultation

In Home ou remote consultation


The Purpose of the session:

To give you an understanding about a problem encountered and give you different strategies to get a change.


—Structured Boarding

Follow-up training program with your dog,  with behavior tune-up or specific training.


The goals of this program:

Enjoy your departure on vacation or absence to complete a previous training.


 Happy-Go-Lucky Dog

Dog Training & Rehabilitation