"Puppies Head Start Program PACKAGES



 Our Puppy Head start packages are intensive puppy training programs to provide solid foundations for the future (Impregnation, socialization, education, prevention of behavior problems).

The puppy receives training 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in an environment similar to his home. The training takes place in a residential area of Flemish Brabant in Wezembeek-Oppem near the Tervuren Park and the Forest of Soignes.


The added value of these immersion or home training are the efficiency and the speed of the results. They are designed to give your young dog a solid foundation in its lifestyle, by eliminating bad conditioning and / or solving problem behaviors, inherent to all puppies (such as excitement, hyperactivity, separation anxiety , Evil cleanliness or fears), while putting in place a regularity and a daily routine for the dog and its responsible.


The success of our programs lies in the fact that all our trainings take place in real situations, in real life and in all situations. The puppy assimilates new behaviors in a type of environment similar to his (family home) and not isolated in an outdoor kennel and delivered to himself or in a meadow of a dressage school. He is taught individually and individually and will only work with a very limited number of dogs (in training) that will not distract him.

The dog is constantly challenging since the training is done in all the interior living areas (living room, kitchen, floor etc) and outside (garden, street, town, forest etc).

On his return, the transition, both for himself and for his officials, will be made quite naturally.


Our training program "Puppy Head Start" is the only program in Belgium (Flemish Brabant, Brabant Wallon, Brussels and southern Belgium) to offer this type of service, complete and comprehensive, capable of providing significant results in Education and prevention of behavioral problems of puppy and young dogs.

All training programs have been designed and carried out by Chandra Tomson, formed by the best canine behavioralists and dog trainers from California (Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Templeton), Rhodes Island (Providence), and New Orleans With whom she perfected regularly. This ensures that you can offer your dogs the best services, in the best of the United States, in dog behavior.


In order to best meet your expectations, Happy-Go-Lucky-Dog offers three packages for your puppy.

You do not know which package to choose? Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you evaluate the program that would be most suitable to you, according to the needs of your dog!

Board and Train

"Puppy Foundations" : 2-4 Weeks

two to four weeks to give a solid foundation to your young dog's education



It is in this first crucial period of a dog's life that his brain, his neurons, his limbic system (fear, aggressiveness, pleasure, memory) are in full development. He will then "soak up" (accept as normal / friends) all the situations and living things he will be confronted with at that time. It is therefore essential that he be able to interact with the maximum number of situations to which he must submit in his adult life. It is also during this same period that the puppy can often put our patience to the test. We lose our calm, becoming angry and incoherent in his eyes or on the contrary, we are in full "adoration before this little ball of poile" and we let him do anything and everything. This laxity often leads to a lack of structure, constancy and consistency in his education ... Behavioral problems can begin to point the tip of their noses (anxiety of separation, destruction, filthiness, hyperactivity, aggressiveness ...)

Do not wait until your puppy accumulates problems or bad habits before starting a training session with him. Take the right start right away by giving him a solid foundation to accompany him and serenely cross his entrance into adolescence (2nd crucial phase).


We will work with him:

  • Problems of the puppy: separation anxiety (crying, barking), mal-cleanness, destruction, excitement, fears
  • Specific training of Impregnation and socialization to other species (children, dogs, horses, chickens, cats, etc)
  • Urban noise desensitisation and motor apparatus (car, vacuum cleaner)
  • Running on leash without firing
  • Sitting without moving
  • Sleeping without moving
  • Stay on a "place" location, without going out
  • Cage inlet and outlet
  • Management of door openings
  • Patient at some distance from food
  • The basics of the recall

This program covers the usual training: Wait / respect the meal, the entrance door, the cage, walking on a leash, freedom management and obstacles, treadmill. As well as all basic commands: Sitting & Resting - Lying & Resting - In your place - on foot - Come / reminder. Two to three hours of daily walking will allow you to work out various outdoor behaviors such as managing the leash and obstacles as well as socializing with the dogs.


This package includes:


  • 2.5 hours of individual coaching: 30 minutes when the dog is removed. A session of 2h at the end of the stay, the day of the recovery of the dog in which we give you all the information, techniques and strategies to ensure you the best success in the long term.
  • Training tool (depending on the age and / or breed of the puppy)
  • Skype / Phone support and E-mail during and after the end of the program and throughout the dog's life.

One-On-One Training Sessions

"Puppy Basics"


To give you the best start with our behavioral approach: The basics of Leadership, nonverbal communication and learning (positive / negative association / reinforcement)


If you decide to take a puppy from a breeder rather than an adult from a shelter it is certainly that you think that having a puppy "virgin of all past" is leaving with certain benefit, on his future education And protect you from any future problems with him. Consequently, you think that you must have it young in order to do its "education".

This is both true and false;

False: because an adult dog, even if it has a difficult past, will fit perfectly into a new family ... All dogs, of all ages, and all races combined are educable, re-educable and rehabilitated regardless of their past. Too many dogs are abandoned or euthanized wrongly, without having actually done any rehabilitation work with them (only extremely rare and limited cases are deemed unrecoverable (but here again solutions can be found).

If raising a puppy was a guarantee of having a perfectly sociable dog, stable and balanced, professionals who work with dogs (dogtrainer, dogwalker and canine behavioralist), as well as shelters would not exist! In contrast, they are increasing in number, while breeders are also increasing. To educate a puppy "from scratch" is therefore not a garnished to have a dog without problem.

True: When you have a puppy, you have a huge change that you need to grasp: that of being able to build with him and your family the best foundation, best guidance, best connection and relationship that will make him a calm, confident, On of him and happy. The ideal dog who knows where his place is in front of an aggressive dog and who will not turn things upside down but who will also be able to put back in his place another more turbulent that annoys him. He can be mischievous, crazy at his hours but will stop when you ask him. It will always respect your limits as others (dogs and human). This ideal dog will be able to have it thanks to a just understanding of "Balanced Training": Leadership Alpha, Non verbal communication, positive / negative reinforcement, confidence (safety), respect (obedience) ... "connection" with your dog.


- During these two sessions, we will evaluate your dog in his family environment and give you the tools of understanding and training to improve your communication and relationship with him. You will see how to inspire your dog not to "obey" you, but to "respect" you, to "watch" you rather than "listen", "anticipate" your requests and not "wait" You asked him ", that it be your" shadow "and not in your path etc


"Puppy Basics" covers all issues related to community life: gateway, respect for distances and personal space, management of the cage, patience work, ritual of the meal, management of the absences (ritual of the reunion And departure), separation anxiety, excitement, fears and phobias. We will also address behavioral problems such as jumping, climbing, biting / biting, destroying, stealing food, cleanliness or any other problems you may encounter. We will also see how to manage the excitement of the ritual of the walk (leash, necklace, the threshold of the front door).


- The initial 2-hour session includes consultation, assessment and practical training with you, your dog and all members of the household. You will begin to see important changes in your dog's behavior during this first session.

- During the 2nd session 2h we will discuss the external behavior of your dog, in the presence of distraction: the work of the walk on the leash and the introduction to the recall in freedom.

From Puppy to Teenager

To cross the transition from adolescence to adulthood with serenity


This global program is a combination of Indoor & Outdoor / Education, Discipline and Behaviors, spanning 4-6 months. This training with your dog, will guide you during the key passages of his evolution ... from the puppy (education) to adolescence (discipline) to the adult (structure).

Through this package, you will have keys, tools and knowledge in both education, discipline and leadership, as well as in the prevention and resolution of behavioral problems related to its advanced age.


- During these five sessions, we will evaluate your dog in his family environment and work together to develop an approach and a global plan to work on your goals, be it obedience or behavioral problems.


This program covers all issues related to the puppy's education (cleanliness, separation anxiety, destruction ...), walking on a leash (exciting, loading, barking, snorting, shooting, aggressiveness with other dogs etc.). ), As well as all the basic internal commands (Sitting, lying, rest, place) and in freedom (comes, reminder). We will also address behavioral issues such as jumping, climbing, biting / biting, stealing or any other problems you may encounter.


All dogs that do this training program will be trained remotely with an E-collar. One of the keys to having a happy and balanced dog is that it can integrate perfectly into society, correctly assimilating the codes of freedom, recall and obstacles. The dog must be able to behave in a respectful way with all living beings, regardless of the situation. If your main objective is to have complete freedom and reliability inside and out, our revolutionary approach will bring you excellent results.


- The initial 2-hour session includes consultation, assessment and practical training with you and your dog.

You will begin to see changes in your dog's behavior during this first session.

- During the next three sessions of 120 min each, spaced from one month to a month and a half (depending on the age of the puppy at the beginning of training), we will continue to work on all the behaviors listed above and Will intensify with its entry into adolescence / adulthood. This program takes place at your home, in your neighborhood, in the forest or any other place that could cause problems.


Warning :

- This program is not designed for young dogs with a major aggressive behavior (loading, attack, aggressiveness) towards dogs or humans. If this is your case, a longer program will be the most appropriate for your situation (either by additional sessions in the initial program or by a stay in the "Board & Train" or "Bootcamp" behavior depending on the intensity Of the problem.


In your first session, we can see whether your dog's behavior requires longer training.

If this is the case, this program will be fully refunded and we will see together which program would be most likely to help your dog. The refund will be made by reduction on the price of the "Board and Train".

(*) The price does not include the "E-collar" education.

- The remote necklace is not an obligation to learn the reminder to your dog but it greatly facilitates the learning of freedom especially if you lack confidence in yourself or have little time to dedicate daily to the learning of the freedom.

- If you do not intend to use a remote collar, we will be able to show you other techniques to use for the reminder. They will be less rapid but equally effective. They will certainly require more discipline than the E-collar but if these techniques are followed and repeated daily, they will guarantee you, in the long term, the same results as effective as a distance training.

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