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Behavioral assessment Consultation



Behavior Assessment Consultation is the first appointment previously to any dog training program (One-On-One home training and program training)




The goal of this first coaching session is to start with a Behavioral assessment to evaluate different points and then to jump into practice (with diffrents technics, tips, strategies and understanding of dog Psuchology) : 


This first session will give you an overview of what you can expected with your dog and how the Leadership Approach is more adopting a "life style" instead "doing dog training".



 A Life changing tool doesn't need a hard training work, time and money...It just need the right understanding

What can you expect from this Consultation


The following topics will be covered: "Understanding the psychology behind a behavior you encounter", "How to improve or solve this behavior".

The following points will be treated according to your situation:

  1.     Puppy Training: Potty training, how to solve destruction, crate/bed management, how to avoid/decrease separation anxiety, feeding excitement, brushing, biting/"attacking"
  2.     Behavioral issues & fears: fear of stairs, vacuum cleaner, separation anxiety, aggression, territoriality (couch, bed)
  3.     Walking on a leash: Walking technique, why my dog pulls/charges/attacks...How to change it
  4.     Recall and Off leash training: Recall technique and how to improve recall or how to introduce a dog to freedom (off-leash)
  5.     Aggression between dogs of the same family : how to solve the problems of Territoriality, mistrust, "jealousy" between them

Finally, how to make my dog understand me better, how to make him listen/obey me

 What you can expect ?


  1. ME : This first Consultation Will give us a better understanding of your situation with details of dog's issues you encountere and consequentely be able to evaluate, what would be the best training formula that will fit to your needs, during the a next phase on "ONE-ON-ONE HOME TRAINING".
  2. YOU : Behavioral assessment will give you a better understanding on our approach witch is mostly  :"working and focusing on owners (empowering their leadership skills) to change dog's behavior". In other terms, "We will coach you , for you to be able to train your dog on the best way possible"... Therefore and before taking any commitment on a training program, you need, first, to figure out if my approach meet yours expectations !
  3. TOGETHER : As a "in home behavior modification training requires trust, integrety and team work, it is also important that  both of us are on the same page for doing this training together, with your family.
  4. We will also give you some tips & advies that can help you to start behavior modification after your first consultation.

Why  doing a remote coaching as a 1st appointment ?


1) Behaviorla assessment : For you to explain behavioral issues you encounterd with your dog, strategy you already done in the past (working or not), what are your expectations in terms of training and what type of training you want/need (in function of you budget, time and dog issues)



2) Behavioral Basic/fundamentals in dog training : Understanding how your dog communicate with you, why he seems to not undersatand what you are waiting from him ... How to apply dog psychology >< human psychology, Body language >< vocal language, reading Energy/State of mind to avoid behavior issues, Rising your "Pack leadership" skill, Understanding the "balanced training" >< "positive reinforcement exclusively" ( how it can often be conterproductif when it is reinforcing positively a unwanted behavior)



3) Step immediatly into the training : to solve your dog issues by your own inbetween session (before working on one-on-one with the dog at your location)... This will also allow us to do correction, some reajustemment on what your already did apply/understood, when we will meet for the first home session (it will be already a follow-up session on some issues)



4) Optimazing Home training session (or decreasing additional training) : Consequently,

this upstream training will allow you to decrease the duration of a training program therefore you can spare time (and money)

  1. Lots of issues can be solved remotely as I am working on the" root cause", witch is the relation/interaction, habits, beliefs (or fear , projection), rules, boundaries, limitation between dog and family members... I will "coach you", for you to "train your dog"
  2. You will already see/have results from this first session, as you will recieve Major help that will be very useful : tips, technics, advice, understanding, that will help you (even if you don't follow a training program after this remote coaching)



5) Team work absolute priority : As it is a Team work, dedication and mutual trust is a key to have good results in the long run

Therfore, it is important that the magic happens between us and that you can see if this type of training approach is the right one for you and if you want to go deeper with my expertise.


And then... what is next after this first Consultation?

All options are available :

  1. Standar protocol : You  book a 1st visiocoaching to start the training
  2. Alternative protocol We will plan the 1s t training session at your home with the dog and all the members of the family
  3. One shoot : You can have one one single appointment whithout having any home training


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