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Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Consultation comportementale
Markx - Akita - 3 years old

 Chandra is a wonderful professional and a passionate trainer. I adopted a three-years-old rescued dog, strong breed. I asked her help mostly to overcome his separation anxiety (I couldn’t leave him alone for more than 5 minutes without having him howling desperately). During a first skype consultation, we agreed on a custom training of about 15h, two full days at home plus walks and off-leash training. Such an intensive formula may seem a huge investment, but the results were amazing. The training is fully personalised and carefully tailored around the dog needs and the specific environment. Not only we solved the separation anxiety, but Chandra gave me also valuable basics to understand the behaviour of my dog in any situation. We started with an anxious dog, and we ended up with a relaxed, happier pouch. I had a stubborn dog with initially no trust in human beings. The training required dedication on my side, but Chandra followed up after the sessions, giving me feedback and making sure I was able to reach my goals. I warmly recommend her to anyone who needs to correct his dog’s behavioural issues, but also to anyone who is simply interested in building a solid relationship with his dog.


Alice - Brussels

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Consultation comportementale
Zilla - Corgi - 1 year old

Chandra is a very patient, knowledgeable and skilled trainer.
You can find advice from "experts", "dog whisperers", "trainers" online that is not always right. Chandra has helped me out not only to get away from some harmful knowledge I picked up from this kind of people but also help me and Zilla figure out what works for us.
She is not in for teh money she is in to help she slowly step by step thought me what I needed to improve to help Zilla overcome all the bad habits I've been teaching him.
I can only recommend her she will help you out as she keeps helping me to have a happy functional dog!


José - Brussels

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Consultation comportementale
Roche - Mix Boseron-Rottweiler - 5 years old


It's been over a year since we had you out to work with Roche, our rescue dog. I just wanted to check in and tell you that he is absolutely comfortable with being alone now. Your help in that can't be overestimated. 
In addition, he's very gentle and quiet and loving. He knows the routines and is calm on walks. There is nothing he loves more than wandering through the streets and parks of Brussels with us. He is the most popular dog at multiple dog-friendly restaurants, and if we don't bring him, he gets asked about! He also journeys to see me in London when Jon travels. He is kenneled during the day. The kennel is near my work, so he does a 2-hour commute on the train twice, and he is so comfortable and happy. Thanks for giving us the instruction needed to make sure that this dog became the incredibly vital part of our lives that he is now; we can't imagine our life without him, the easiest dog we know. 
Thanks again, and if you ever want to see his travels, he has an Instagram hashtag: #rochefortdogue. He's seen the Tower of London, Brussels city walls, a stately countryside home in England, and posed outside of so many art deco houses in Brussels. He's been to multiple beaches in the UK, and we hope to explore some in Belgium this year. Thanks again for his training on and off the lead; he's very comfortable with both, making it very easy to travel with him. 
This is a long email to say thanks again. Know that your work is very much appreciated. 


Beth - UK - Brussels

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Bootcamp
Loup - Dachshund- 9 month old

Thanks Chandra for all your support, your enthusiasm and professionalism. I'm completely amazed by your method of training.


Its stunning to see the so much expected outcome just from the next day After Chandra's training and her indications on nutrition I stopped dry food and results are astonishing. Thanks to Chandra, her recommendations on Natural food and good rules my Dog is happier, much more calm and balanced.

I honestly recommend her for all the dog owners who truly care and love their dog.


Diletta Buzzi - Woluwé-Saint-Lambert

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Consultation comportementale
Popo - Golden Red Riever - 3 yeras old

 We are really thankful to Chandra and amazed by her method of training.

Its stunning to see the expected outcome just from the next day itself. Our 1 year old (and not neutered) Labrador Retriever was highly energetic,over-excited all the time along with the habit of mounting,jumping,leash-pulling.We asked Chandra to help us when we completely failed to train our dog ourselves.We just had a session with Chandra and it was MIRACULOUS.The guidance was really valuable for us and she was really SINCERE, PATIENT AND KIND with all of us. It was like a PARADIGM SHIFT when we realized that it was not our dog but our mistakes and incorrect method indulging our dog's behavioral problem.My dog looks more happy and relaxed now. Thanks a lot to Chandra.I honestly recommend her for all the dog owners who truly care and love their dog

Anirban Ghosh - Bruxelles

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Consultation comportementale
Love, Happy, Joy, Life

The best trainer ever.

Very precise and so much information already from the first lesson. Very satisfied.

My dogs are so well behaved and happy go lucky dogs. :)

Thank you



Shalo - ChaumontGistoux

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Consultation comportementale
Rex - German Shepherd - 4 years old

 Chandra is seriously the dog whisperer!! She is so patient and kind with people too as she trains them on how to best keep the training up at home. The work and the results she got with our 4 years old German shepherd is amazing. He has drastically changed his behavior. We cannot recommend her and Happy-Go-Lucky Dog highly enough. We are so grateful that so many of our neighbors knew about Chandra and her proven training methods to be able to recommend her to us!!


Be So - Charleroi

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Consultation comportementale
Rocky - Mix Boseron-Rottweiler - 4 years old

Really helped with our new rescue. Recommend highly.


Elisabeth Payne - Auderghem

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Consultation comportementale
Maya - Australian Sheperd - 7 month old

  We have a female australian sheperd (7 month old) who and used to jump on people so happy but way too excited most of the time. We thought she was young and had too much energy. We had one single session with Chantra and it was just mind changing. We realised that it's not the dog who needs to be educated by our rules, but us who needed to understand their behavior to adapt ours. My dog is now a lovely dog who respect you and yours space, way calmer and looks happier. Thanks Chantra so much for your advices, you're the best!


Sophie – Moorsel

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Dog training Brabant Flamand
Dog Behaviorist / Dog Trainer Brussels
Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Consultation comportementale
HARRY & HENRY - Wheaten Terrier (2-5 yeras old)


 I did the new routine this morning for food and for walk it is working great.

Craig and I will walk them again and try the routine and also we will do the same for their supper.

Thank you for yesterday.


 I absolutely thought Tara was gorgeous and had a lovely vibe and I felt awful for her. I’m glad you saw the real Harry but not glad it was at her expense. The boys seem to be handling the changes well but are apprehensive as well. The walks and meal times are much better and the come when called more often. I think we should pay the vet bill by the way!


Give Tara a hug from me!

We will see you soon, 

Carrie & Craig - Wezembeek-Oppem


Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Dog training Brabant Flamand
JAX - Labrador/Vizsla cross - 10 month old


Hi Chandra,
A HUGE thanks for today’s session we can already see a massive improvement on lots of fronts, and you have given us plenty of things to work on/think about.

Del and Dave (and Jax!)

Del and Dave - Overijse

Happy-go-lucky dog - Puppy training program
BASH - Daschund - 5 months
  • “We thought we knew a bit about dog behaviour - until we bought our first Daschund puppy! For such a tiny dog, it was certainly gaining the upper ‘paw’ in our house. Thankfully Chandra focused her great expertise and knowledge on patiently training us properly - and then our dog understood what we needed from him and started to comply. We love our dog and now have great fun with an obedient but very mischievous pup in a ‘happy’ home thanks to Chandra.
  • Be prepared for what you need to learn and change more than you think your dog does - and you will see incredible results. Chandra was patient, fun and took a lot of time to understand and help with our particular challenges rather than a ‘standard’ approach.
  • Highly recommend her!” 
  • Jane McLeod - Woluwé-Saint-Pierre

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog - Bootcamp
Maddie - German Shepherd - 3 ans

Hi Chandra,

Wanted to say thanks again for taking such good care of Maddie last week. We are keeping up with her training and found that she now understands that she can't be too excited before food, walks or people. Her behavior has been much better as well. Also, we were able to get her a lasso leash at Animalrit. It's been working very well! She don't pull anymore.

Let me know if you have any time next week to go to bois de la cambre.

Have a great day!

Amy Rosenbum - Ixelles

 Happy-Go-Lucky Dog

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